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102  Some reports are not printing properly on my 'Windows-only' printer. How can this be fixed?

When Maxa uses a Windows-only printer the program is unable to control the size of the fonts on certain reports. This is especially the case when printing customer list information.

One remedy is to export the data into Excel or Works and then use that program to view, sort, filter, and print the data. See help topic #40 more more details on exporting the customer list.

Another remedy is to create a custom report format the allows the data to be displayed in such a way that the lines will not be truncated.

Follow the steps below to create a custom report format...

  • Customer list
  • Print
  • Custom Report
  • Create a new custom report
A blank page will appear. On it we are going to place codes that will be replaced with actual data when the report is printed. Add the following line to the blank page. Press 'Escape' when you are finished...

~A ~B ~C ~i
~e ~f ~g ~h

The '~' character followed by a letter will be replaced by the name information. In this format file the codes will be replaced as follows...

  • ~A = ID number
  • ~B = last name
  • ~C = first name
  • ~i = phone number
  • ~e = address
  • ~f = city
  • ~g = state
  • ~h = zip
The CODES section of the help files lists a complete chart of all the applicable codes.

The custom report format only needs to be created one time. Once created it can be accessed by using the following commands...

  • Customer list
  • Print
  • Custom Report
  • Select custom report
Once the format has been selected select...
  • Start printing