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112  Can the emails collected in MAXA be added to an email program like Outlook?

The emails can be extracted and stored in a text file. From there they can be imported into any number of different mailing programs.

To isolate the names with email addresses...

  • Customer list
  • Press 'V' to view
  • Extract emails

The names with email addresses will appear. The next step is to create an export format to save just the email address. This will only have to be done one time.

  • Press 'F' for file.
  • Export
  • Create new Export - Call it EMAILEXP
  • On the blank screen add '~r' (without the quotes) and then ESC

The format file has now been created. Now to actually export the email data...

  • Press 'F' for file
  • Export
  • Select export
  • Start exporting and enter a filename
  • Choose between the A: drive and C:\MAXA\EXPORT
  • The file will be saved to the selected location and a .TXT will be added.

Now that the .TXT file has been created it can be opened by any number of programs like NotePad, WordPad, Excel, Word, etc... The email addresses can be copied into your email program from here.