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23  Why aren't the purchase totals for each buyer updating?

MAXA does not automatically post the purchase totals to each name on the customer list. The purchases are added when the 'Update' feature is selected from the 'Previous auctions' area.

To post purchase totals for all auctions to all names on the customer list...

  • Previous auctions
  • Press 'U' for update
To post purchases for a select group of auctions...
  • Previous auctions
  • Press the space bar on the desired auctions. A mark (double arrow) will appear next to each auction.
  • Press 'V' for view
  • Marked auctions
  • Press 'U' for update
All purchases will be posted to the customer list. If a bidder attended an auction and did not make any purchases, MAXA will post $0.10 for that auction. This will helpful when refining the customer list for mailings, etc..