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25  Can I import an Excel spreadsheet into MAXA?

Yes! This powerful feature lets MAXA share data with practically any database or spreadsheet program. In order for MAXA to be able to work with the data from another program it must be formatted correctly. The steps below describe how to take an Excel spreadsheet and place it into a tab-delimited ASCII format. For this example we are going to assume that the spreadsheet has 2 columns; the item numbers are in column 1 and the descriptions are in column 2. We are going to save the Excel file to the C:\MAXA\IMPORT folder.

Follow these steps in Excel...

  • Eliminate any headers and unnecessary rows and columns.
  • File
  • Save as...
  • Change the 'Save in' to C:\MAXA\IMPORT
  • Make sure the filename is no longer than 8 characters and that the filename does not contain any punctuation.
  • Save as type... 'Text and tabs'
  • Save
Now the file will be in a format that MAXA can work with. From MAXA follow these commands...
  • Inventory
  • File
  • Import
  • Current (C:\MAXA\IMPORT)
  • Select the file
  • Columns to import = 2
At this point MAXA will display a chart listing numbers 1 through 14. Each number represents a field of data.
  • Enter field number for column 1: 2 (this is for the item number)
  • Enter field number for column 2: 14 (this is for all of the lines)
  • Delimiter = Tab
The data is now imported! The process will change only slightly if you are importing more columns or if you are importing information from different programs.

Note: If you are having trouble importing a file try...

  • Copying just the columns you are trying to import into a new spreadsheet. The number of columns is very important!
  • Save the new spreadsheet as a text file and make sure that you give it a filename no longer than 8 characters without any punctuation.
  • Make sure to exit Excel before trying to import the file into Maxa.

More information on manipulating data with Excel can be found in the MaxaNet Reference Guide.