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26  How can I quickly register all of my permanent bidders?

First, we make several assumptions.

  • Only select names on your customer list have permanent numbers.
  • Each customer with a permanent number has their ID listed on the customer list.
  • Each permanent ID customer has a code of 'B' on the codes line.
  • The 'permanent ID numbers' option is set to NO (Setup/files/customer list)
To quickly assign, or copy, all of the permanent ID bidders from the customer list to the buyer list follow the steps below...
  • Current auction
  • Register
  • Buyer list
  • Press 'L' for load
  • Press 'B' when prompted to enter a code
All permanent ID bidders will be loaded!

To quickly assign all permanent bidders a code of 'B' follow the steps below...

  • From the main menu select Customer list
  • Press 'V' for view
  • ID number order
  • Press the space bar to mark all permanent ID number bidders. A double arrow will appear next to each marked name.
  • Press 'V' to view
  • Marked names
  • Press 'F' for file
  • Add code
  • Press 'B'
A code of 'B' will be added to all listed names.