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50  How can I place realized prices onto the Internet using MaxaNet?

You must be using MAXA, version 4.30 or higher to utilize the following features.

The instructions below assume that the appropriate categories and photo file names have been added to the inventory.

From the main menu select the following options to post the prices to the inventory...

  • Inventory
  • Press 'F' for file
  • Post Prices
  • Select the appropriate auction (mmddyyyy)
With the prices now posted, select the following options...
  • Press 'F' for file
  • Export
  • Select export
  • Start exporting
  • Select the destination A: or current (C:\MAXA\EXPORT)
  • Select the .txt extension
  • Enter any filename you like. If you leave it blank it will create a file called INVENTRY.TXT
Using the 'Upload inventory' feature found in the MaxaNet administration area, you'll be able to find that file (using the browse button) and upload it.

Remember to change the display format in MaxaNet to 'realized prices'. This option can be found in the auction details section of the administration screens.