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53  How can I view all of the bidders who attended several auctions?

Step #1: Apply purchases for the selected auctions to the customer list.
  • Previous auctions
  • Use the space bar to mark the desired auctions
  • Press 'V' to view
  • Select 'Marked auctions'
  • Press 'U' to update
The update procedure gathers all of the purchase and attendance information for the selected auctions and posts that information to the customer list.

To use this information you'll need to be in the customer list.

  • Select customer list
  • Press 'R' to refine
  • Select purchases
  • Enter .05 as the minimum, press enter an the maximum
  • Select search
If a buyer attends an auction and does not make any purchases, the program will record a total of $0.10 for that buyer for that auction.