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54  How can codes be added to all buyers at a single auction?

Do not add the codes to the bidder list!

From the main menu...

  • Previous auctions
  • Press the space bar to mark the desired auction
  • Press 'V' to view
  • Select 'marked auctions'
  • Press 'U' to update
The above procedure will post on the customer list the purchase and attendance history for each of the bidders at the selected auction.

To isolate these names...

  • Select 'Customer list'
  • Press 'R' for refine
  • Select 'Purchases'
  • For a minimum purchase enter .05
  • Press enter when asked to enter the maximum
  • Select 'Search'
The bidders will be displayed. To assign the listed names a code...
  • Press 'F' for file.
  • Select 'Add code'
  • Enter the desired code.
This same procedure can be used to apply codes to buyers at multiple auctions. To do this just mark several more auctions before doing the update.