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58  Using an Okidata Microline 320 printer with Windows XP and Windows 2000 (Maxa 4.62 or higher).

In Maxa...
  • Setup
  • Hardware
  • Printer
    • Printer port: Windows-3
    • Current printer: IBMPROP
Select the 'Configure printer' option.
  • Click on the 'Settings' button
  • In the 'General' area, remove checks from all boxes except the 'Quit when handled command line'
  • Make sure the Windows default printer is connected (Okidata 320-IBM)
  • Click on the 'Text file...' button
    • Text file action = send to printer
  • Save the changes

It is important that Maxa is running in a Window vs. in a full screen. If you try to run Maxa in a full screen on Windows XP or 2000 computers, the Maxa screen will minimize after every print job. If Maxa is run in a Window then you'll see the print screen flash but then return directly to Maxa.