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59  Adding left bids with Maxa, version 4.62

Left bids can be added to the system from any clerking terminal, even the secondary clerking screen located on the main PC.

Left bids can be added before and during an auction.

To record a left bid, record the sale as you normally would. Instead of leaving the quantity field blank or putting in a quantity, type in a 'B'.

The information will be recorded with a seller, item, description, price and a negative buyer number.

The entry will be ignored by all reports except the left-bid report.

  • Auction summary
  • Inventory reports
  • Left bids
The left-bid information is available for the clerk(s) immediately after being recorded. When the clerk records an item number, the top 2 left bids will appear at the bottom of the clerking screen. The clerk will then be able to competatively place the bids on behalf of the left-bid bidders.