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68  What is the difference between the 'Customer list' option in the current auction and the 'Customer list' option available on the main menu?

When working with the 'Customer list' option while in a current auction we are making the assumption that all newly added names are bidders. When a bidder is added to the customer list from within the current auction...
  • The name and ID number (buyer number) are automatically copied to the buyer list.
  • The name without an ID number is saved on the customer list for future use.
The 'Customer list' option while in a current auction can also be used to copy existing names from the customer list to the buyer list.
  • Use the search or quick search functions to find the desired name.
  • Press 'C' with your pointer next to the name to copy it.
  • Select 'Buyer list' and enter the bidder's number.
The 'Customer list' option on the main menu is not associated with any auction. It can be used to print, import, export, sort, and refine the names. Names added to the customer list off of the main menu will not be copied to a buyer list.