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73  How can I pro-rate auction expenses between my sellers?

When expenses are pro-rated between sellers each seller will be charged the percentage of the expense based on their sales contribution to the auction total. For example if you had 2 sellers; one sold $100 and the other $900 and there was an advertising expense of $100 that was to be pro-rated, one seller would be charged $10 and the other $90.

Enter the full expense for a single seller. To do this...

  • Seller settlement
  • Seller number
  • Press 'I' to itemize
  • Press 'A' to add
  • Enter a description, code (leave it blank) and the full amount
Repeat this for all expenses that are to be pro-rated.

The expenses will appear to be charged against the seller that they were entered under. If you press the letter 'S' (for style) while pointing at the expense, the expense type will change from the seller number to 'ALL' to 'PRO'. All meaning that everyone will get the expense; Pro meaning that the expense will be pro-rated.

At this time (verion 4.65) sellers cannot be excluded from pro-rated expenses.