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74  Can the inventory be exported with the buyer and selling price?

Yes! MAXA data can be exported in a format that can be viewed by spreadsheets, databases, and word processors. It can also be exported directly into an HTML format so that your inventory can be viewed on the Internet.

To add the price and buyer number information to the inventory...

  • Inventory
  • File
  • Post prices
  • Select the appropriate auction

To export inventory data, a format file must first be created.

In this example we are going to export the item number, buyer number, price, and the full description. Follow the steps below to create a format file...

  • Inventory
  • File
  • Export
  • Create a new format file
A blank page will appear. On it we are going to place codes that will be replaced with actual data when the export is selected. Add the following line to the blank page. Press 'Escape' when you are finished...

~b^~a^~m^~e ~f ~g ~h ~i

The '~' character followed by a letter will be replaced by the inventory information. In this format file the codes will be replaced as follows...

  • ~b = item number
  • ~a = tag number (buyer number after prices are posted)
  • ~m = price
  • ~e = line 1 of the description
  • ~f = line 2 of the description
  • ~g = line 3 of the description
  • ~h = line 4 of the description
  • ~i = line 5 of the description
The CODES section of the help files lists a complete chart of all the applicable codes. The '^' character between the ~b and the ~a will be replaced with a tab character. The tab will be interpreted as the delimeter when the information is imported by other programs.

The format file only needs to be created one time. Once created it can be accessed by using the following commands...

  • Inventory
  • File
  • Export
  • Select export format
Once the format has been selected select...
  • Start exporting
  • Select export location: Current (C:\maxa\export) or Drive A:
  • Select extension: .TXT (text file) or .HTM (used for Internet files)
  • Enter a filename
The output can now be viewed by a variety of other programs.

Refer to the help files of the spreadsheet or database programs for more information on how to import the text file.