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8  Can A PC be used in place of a dumb terminal?

Yes. On the MAXA install diskette there is a program called MAXTERM.EXE. This is a terminal emulator program that enables the computer to function just like a terminal.

The cable connecting the computer running MAXTERM.EXE to the main computer will attach to the serial port on both computers. There must be a null modem adapter in between the 2 computers.

By default MAXTERM.EXE will use COMM PORT #1. If for any reason, COMM PORT #2 must be used, add the number '2' to the end of MAXTERM when starting the program. MAXTERM 2

Note: Although XP computers work fine running Maxa, they do not work well running MAXTERM. Use Windows 95 or Windows 98 computers when running MAXTERM.

If you would like to have a Windows 2000 or XP computer run as a terminal we recommend downloading some shareware called 'wiseterm'. It can be downloaded from many sites. Try a keyword search of 'wiseterm' in Google or Yahoo.