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84  How can an extended buyer invoice message be added?

If you edit the invoice messages files using the Maxa editor you can only have 80 characters per line. To have more characters per line ou have to modify the message files using an editor like Notepad.

From the windows desktop...

  • Start
  • Run
  • Notepad


  • File
  • Open

Start each line with a pipe character (double vertical dash) and list up to 120 characters per line. The file can can have up to 30 lines of text. Make sure to save the file after you make changes.

To see how the messages will appear on the invoices...

  • Setup
  • Invoices
  • Print samples

In order for the text to print properly with Maxa, it is important that the printer setup be correct. See...

  • Setup
  • Hardware
  • Printer

The tax-exempt buyer invoice message and the seller settlement message can be modified using Notepad as well.