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91  The tax on items in our state have a cap of $300. How can that be applied in Maxa?

Let's assume that the tax rate is 6%. If we take the $300 cap and divide it by the tax rate (.06) we get a result of $5000. All items that sell for less than $5000 will be charged the standard tax rate of 6%. All items that sell for more than $5000 will be charged a flat $300. First we have to make sure the appropriate tax rates are setup...
  • Setup
  • Rates
  • Taxes
  • Standard tax rate = 6 (this will be recorded as 6%)
  • Tax rate A = 30000 (this will be recorded as $300)

When items are clerked, the tax class on the item can be changed from Y to A if the selling price is above $5000.

You can also...

  • Modify / view sales
  • All sales
  • Press 'V' for view
  • Total price order
  • Press 'V' for view
  • Reverse (the items will now be listed in decending price order)
  • Use the space bar to mark the items over $5000. A double arrow will appear next to the marked items.
  • Press 'M' for marked
  • Tax
  • Press 'A' to apply tax class A