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93  How can auction data files be copied from a CD drive into MAXA?

With many computers no longer having 3.5" floppy drives, The backup and restore process built into Maxa are no longer effective. To make a backup copy of your Maxa files you can use a CD burner to copy the entire Maxa folder to a CD.

To restore individual sales files from a CD to the Maxa system...

  • Get to the command prompt (Start/Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt)
  • Assuming that your CD drive is letter 'D', type the following, replacing the 'mmddyyyy' with the appropriate month, day and year...

      XCOPY   D:\MAXA\mmddyyyy.*   \MAXA /S

  • This approach also will work with copying customer and inventory files. Replace the 'mmddyyyy' in the command above with the name of the customer file or the inventory file.