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95  How can per item fees be added prior to the auction so that they automatically appear on the buyer invoices?

Here's how...
  • Create inventory as you normally would. Use item numbers as usual (1,2,3,etc).
  • Go into the current auction and from either the clerking screen enter the per item fees.
    • Enter the appropriate seller
    • Enter the item number the fee belongs with and the letter x after it. For example: 100X.
    • Enter 9999 as the buyer number. This assumes that there is no bidder 9999 in the auction.
    • Enter the fee amount as the price.
    • Leave the quantity blank.
    • You can use any tax class that you like so that the fees can have any tax and/or premium rates that you like.
  • When the invoice for the buyer is pulled up, the system will scan the items clerked to buyer 9999 and have item numbers that end in an X. The buyer number for these items will automatically be changed to the buyer of the base item.
  • There is no limit to the number of fees that can be attached to an item.
  • If a mistake is made after the invoice has been pulled up and the buyer number needs to be changed, the buyer number on the fee items will have to be changed too.