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7  How can I place the customer list in alphabetical order?
23  Why aren't the purchase totals for each buyer updating?
24  I'm using the update procedure correctly but my customer list is not being updated correctly.
34  Can the list be placed in alphabetical order?
35  Can I copy an entire buyer list into a customer list?
40  Can a MAXA customer list be exported?
42  How can I make a back-up of a file that is too large to fit onto a diskette?
53  How can I view all of the bidders who attended several auctions?
54  How can codes be added to all buyers at a single auction?
83  Can Maxa mailing labels be printed with MS-WORD?
85  When I view the buyer or seller lists in the previous auctions area they are blank. Why?
86  There are unusual characters in the notes area of the customer list. How can they be removed?
98  How can I customize the labels at the bottom of the customer input screen (Ex: driver's license, email, fax, notes, etc.)?
102  Some reports are not printing properly on my 'Windows-only' printer. How can this be fixed?
105  Can I copy a buyer list from one auction to another?
107  I've accidentally deleted my customer list. Can it be recovered?
113  A customer list has exceeded 30000 names and can't be accessed. Is there a way to fix this?