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12  How can I change the invoice messages?
13  Why does a blank page print after each invoice?
15  When recording a split payment for an invoice I was not given the opportunity to enter a check number.
21  When do I have to void an invoice?
65  We have some items that we want to charge a buyer's premium on and other items that we will not. All items will be non-taxable. How can we set this up?
66  How can I print invoices from the terminals?
72  2 people bought items on the same number. How do I split their purchases into 2 separate invoices?
80  A buy-back item was printed on an invoice incorrectly. How can the problem be corrected?
84  How can an extended buyer invoice message be added?
89  Can the 'Premium' label on buyer invoices be changed?
90  Can Maxa be configured to handle some of the crazy tax calculations found in some states?
91  The tax on items in our state have a cap of $300. How can that be applied in Maxa?
95  How can per item fees be added prior to the auction so that they automatically appear on the buyer invoices?
108  Can invoices be sent to a file so that they can be emailed instead of printed?
110  The premium and tax amounts are not being displayed on the screen when invoices are generated on the terminal(s)