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4  Enabling the serial port on Windows 98 computers.
5  How can I speed up the computer when restarting in the MS-DOS mode?
17  Can I have my Windows 95 or 98 computer start directly in DOS?
32  What are the required settings of the computer serial ports?
33  When starting MAXA from the Windows desktop, the screen is very small. Can it be changed to a full screen? Can the Window size be changed?
36  My system just locked up. My terminals are still working but I can't enter any commands on the main computer.
41  How can I change the date in the lower right corner of the MAXA screen?
43  Can I backup all of the MAXA files to a zip drive?
52  How can I change the date of an auction?
56  A 'key is missing' message appears when running Maxa 4.60 (or higher) on Windows XP and 2000 computers.
64  The 'Evaluate ports' option is missing in version 4.62. Where is it?
78  My notebook computer does not have a serial port. How can one be added?
79  How can I increase the size of the Maxa window running in XP?
81  I can't see any text at the bottom of the Maxa screen...
93  How can auction data files be copied from a CD drive into MAXA?
94  How can the serial port on my IBM Thinkpad notebook be turned on?
96  How can I delete sales from my previous auctions list?
106  Can a USB key be used with Maxa?
111  Can I create a boot diskette to start MaxTerm