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Category: ALL (4 records) #19977-56 -- Waupaca County, WI - Surplus Real Estate - Nursing Home - CLOSED - Ends: October 18, 2019 Starting at 10:00am Central

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    18c.jpg20.65 +/- Acres w/Former Waupaca County Lakeview Manor (Nursing Home) at 912 Manor Dr, Weyauwega, WI
    - Address: 912 Manor Dr, Weyauwega, WI 54983
    - County Information Links/Resources:
    --- Waupaca County Mapping
    --- Survey Part 1
    --- Survey Part 2
    - Municipality: City of Weyauwega
    - Parcel Number#: Parcel number has not been assigned yet.
    - Opening Bid: $1,000 - Final high bid requires seller approval.
    - Acres: 20.6495 +/- Acres
    - Lot Dimensions: See Survey part 1 & 2
    - Zoning: Contact Waupaca County Zoning Office @ (715) 258-6255 and local zoning agencies for exact zoning, regulations and allowed uses. Bidders are warned not to assume you can build, change use or continue current use without researching with zoning agencies first. Property is sold in it's current state and use, any future uses are not implied or guaranteed.
    - Type of Access to Property: Off Public Roadway via Manor Dr
    - School District: Weyauwega – Fremont
    - Structures On Property: Previously the Waupaca County Lakeview Manor (Nursing Home).

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Sale of this property identified as Lot 1 on attached survey map is subject to Town of Royalton’s attachment of a portion of Lot 2 on attached survey map into its municipal boundary.

    The structure is a 1977 single story building formerly used as a nursing home with four resident wings, a central atrium area and a services area. There are 50 resident rooms, each with toilet and sink accommodations; an office suite consisting of a reception area, conference room, two restrooms, and three offices; a nurses’ station; and four accessible assisted bathing facilities however one does not have a bathtub located in it; an industrial-sized kitchen with food preparation and service area; two walk-in coolers and an industrial freezer; a large open area formerly used for physical and occupational therapy including a residential size kitchen; three dining areas; several office spaces with lockable doors; various size storage and maintenance closets; and a chapel. A floor plan is attached for your reference.

    The unique floor plan is observable from the survey map and GIS map. The approximate square footage of the building is 44,765 square feet.

    The HVAC consists of a roof top gas furnace and cooling system. All HVAC in the four residential wings have been replaced 2013-2016, including makeup air. In addition, each resident room has a through the wall heating unit.

    The building has a fire suppression system installed at time of construction.

    Electrical wiring and roof have been maintained during life of building; however, each is original to the building. The roof is a flat, rubber roof.

    There is a working Generac SG070 Natural Gas generator, approximate age 11 years.

    The water heaters were formerly leased and upon terminating the lease they were written off by the leasing company as scrap and left in the building. They are in good working order.

    The parcel and building are served by Weyauwega Water and Sanitary District. There is a water softening system on site that was formerly leased and equipment was left upon terminating the lease, approximate age 14 years. All pipes are copper or PVC pipes.

    There are two asphalt paved parking lot: South lot 48 parking spaces plus 4 disabled spaces; North lot 10 parking spaces.

    The area immediately surrounding the building is mowed grass with some mature trees.

    There are two pump houses located on the property – operability is unknown.

    There is approximately 14 acres of undeveloped land.

    The location is rural with surrounding acreage being farmland, an agricultural cooperative, and a small supported living building. The smaller storage buildings adjacent to the property are owned by the County in which equipment is stored.

    The area is in close proximity to a Canadian Northern railway.

    All of the land adjacent to the building is believed to be buildable land. Wetlands to the southeast of the parcel are owned by the County and cannot be built due to being permanently placed in wetland mitigation easement.

    The former nursing home has not been utilized or occupied for approximately two and one half years. The water has been turned off and heating and cooling were minimally kept in place during this time. Owner is aware of mold developing on some walls, doors, and fixtures.
    - Property Vacant: Yes
    - Property Clear of previous owner’s personal property: This auction does not include any personal property. If personal property remains, it is the buyer's responsibility to determine appropriate & legal disposition of personal property.
    - Legal Description: Lot 1 of Certified Survey Map Number 7900 recorded in the Register of Deeds office in Volume 33 on page 41, being part of Certified Survey Map Number 6032 recorded in Volume 21 on page 63 being part of the Northeast ¼ of the Southwest ¼, part of Northwest ¼ of the Southeast ¼, part of Southeast ¼ of the Southwest ¼ and part of Southwest ¼ of the Southeast ¼, all in Section 32 Township 22 North Range 13, Township of Royalton and the City of Weyauwega, Waupaca County, Wisconsin. (This is a temporary description subject to municipal attachment of a portion of Lot 2 by the Town of Royalton).
    - Title Type: Quit Claim Deed
    - Deed Transfer Fee: $30 fee to be paid by buyer.
    - Title Transfer Terms: Upon payment of purchase price to Seller, Seller will execute a Quit Claim Deed to Buyer once the Buyer turns in all information to complete the deed and a Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return. The seller will Draft the Quit Claim Deed at Seller’s expense. Seller will then record the Quit Claim Deed and Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return with the Register of Deeds of Waupaca County, at the Buyer's expense. Waupaca County (The Seller) has the right to accept, reject or defer action of a bid or bids. Any bid may be rejected for any reason. Buyer is responsible for payment of all recording fees, real estate property taxes, special assessments, and special charges, if any. Buyer is responsible to determine the existence an amount of any such fees, real estate property taxes, and any other type of taxes, special assessments and special charges, including real estate taxes assessed for tax year 2019.
    - Clear Title: Yes - No abstract, title insurance or survey will be provided by the seller.
    - Estimated Yearly Taxes: Unknown. This is the first time the land will be held privately and the assessment cannot be completed until it is owned by a private owner with actual use. Prior taxes were $0 due to County ownership. Buyer responsible for current year taxes, if any and all future real estate taxes.
    - Defects: The building has been vacant since March 2017. There was interior water damage in two resident rooms; the cause has been repaired, but the damaged area has not been restored. The building has asbestos under some of the flooring (unknown square feet of area). There are areas of roof needing patching (various interior leaks during heavy rain events).
    - Overall Condition: Property is being sold “AS IS”. It is bidder’s responsibility to determine condition and any defects. Bidders are strongly encouraged to personally inspect prior to bidding. Property is subject to all easements, right-of-ways, and restrictions of record, if any. Waupaca County makes no representation or guarantee with respect to the use or condition of the property. The determination of the overall condition of the property shall be the sole responsibility of the buyer. Seller makes no representations of statement as to the overall condition of the property. Structure needs roof work and various exterior cosmetic work. Interior needs repair and maintenance to address mold and water damage in the building due to building being vacant, and in areas where fixtures and cabinets have been removed.
    - County Contacts:
    --- Inspection & General Questions: Ron Hansen at 715-258-6485 or ron.hansen@co.waupaca.wi.us - 811 Harding St., Waupaca WI 54981 - Inspections available by appointment with Ron.
    --- Deed & Transfer Questions: Diane Meulemans at 715-258-6446 or diane.meulemans@co.waupaca.wi.us - 811 Harding St., Waupaca WI 54981 - Available by appointment during business hours.
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