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1.Configuring the function keys on Wyse 55 terminals.
2.What should the terminal settings be?
3.The printer is very slow when printing from within Windows.
4.Enabling the serial port on Windows 98 computers.
5.How can I speed up the computer when restarting in the MS-DOS mode?
6.What is the pin-out on the cable connecting the terminal to the computer?
7.How can I place the customer list in alphabetical order?
8.Can A PC be used in place of a dumb terminal?
9.Will the sales data and customer list information from previous versions be preserved when I update to version 4.60?
10.How can I view a list of the tax-exempt bidders for an auction?
11.Why is the data on my printouts, especially the 3-across labels, out of alignment?
12.How can I change the invoice messages?
13.Why does a blank page print after each invoice?
14.How can I get a list of all invoices with a 'balance due' method of payment?
15.When recording a split payment for an invoice I was not given the opportunity to enter a check number.
16.What is the difference between 'Unposted' items and 'Not Sold' items?
17.Can I have my Windows 95 or 98 computer start directly in DOS?
18.How can I combine several items for one price?
19.How can I clerk several items at one time with each being sold for the given price?
20.Can I add a 'Sold with' item to a previously clerked group of items?
21.When do I have to void an invoice?
22.Where can I buy reconditioned Wyse 30+ or Wyse 35 terminals?
23.Why aren't the purchase totals for each buyer updating?
24.I'm using the update procedure correctly but my customer list is not being updated correctly.
25.Can I import an Excel spreadsheet into MAXA?
26.How can I quickly register all of my permanent bidders?
27.Can a MAXA inventory be exported?
28.Codes used to export inventory information and to print custom inventory labels, forms, and reports
29.Codes used to export name information and to print custom name labels, forms, and reports
30.Codes used to print seller checks
31.Can I print a report that lists all items sold for a single seller over any number of auctions?
32.What are the required settings of the computer serial ports?
33.When starting MAXA from the Windows desktop, the screen is very small. Can it be changed to a full screen? Can the Window size be changed?
34.Can the list be placed in alphabetical order?
35.Can I copy an entire buyer list into a customer list?
36.My system just locked up. My terminals are still working but I can't enter any commands on the main computer.
37.Is there a report that lists all of the changes made to the sales data?
38.Programming the function keys (F1 - F4) on Wyse 30+ and Wyse 35 terminals.
39.How can I prevent inventoried items from being clerked more than 1 time?
40.Can a MAXA customer list be exported?
41.How can I change the date in the lower right corner of the MAXA screen?
42.How can I make a back-up of a file that is too large to fit onto a diskette?
43.Can I backup all of the MAXA files to a zip drive?
44.What is the typical cable arrangement when attaching a terminal to the computer or terminal splitter?
45.What is the typical cable arrangement when attaching a clerking computer (versus a terminal) to the computer or terminal splitter>
46.What are the settings on the printer switch supposed to be set to?
47.Can 'No-sale' fees be added to a settlement report?
48.How can a sliding scale commission be applied to a seller's items?
49.How can I place my inventory onto the web using MaxaNet?
50.How can I place realized prices onto the Internet using MaxaNet?
51.How can I create a 'realized prices' format file for use with MaxaNet?
52.How can I change the date of an auction?
53.How can I view all of the bidders who attended several auctions?
54.How can codes be added to all buyers at a single auction?
55.How can the Proxim radios be reconfigured?
56.A 'key is missing' message appears when running Maxa 4.60 (or higher) on Windows XP and 2000 computers.
57.Configuring Maxa (4.62 or higher) to work with Windows-only printers
58.Using an Okidata Microline 320 printer with Windows XP and Windows 2000 (Maxa 4.62 or higher).
59.Adding left bids with Maxa, version 4.62
60.Adding inventory from the terminals during an auction (4.62 or higher)
61.Is there a way to export the Maxa report information?
62.In the middle of an inventoried sale, what if someone finds an item that was not included in the original inventory?
63.How can I clerk an inventoried item that has a recorded quantity to several bidders?
64.The 'Evaluate ports' option is missing in version 4.62. Where is it?
65.We have some items that we want to charge a buyer's premium on and other items that we will not. All items will be non-taxable. How can we set this up?
66.How can I print invoices from the terminals?
67.How can I print settlements from the terminals?
68.What is the difference between the 'Customer list' option in the current auction and the 'Customer list' option available on the main menu?
69.Only some of our bidders have permanent bidding numbers. How should their information be stored?
70.How does the magnetic driver's license reader attach to my computer? How do I use the scanner?
71.How can bidders be added from terminals? How can sellers be registered from the terminals?
72.2 people bought items on the same number. How do I split their purchases into 2 separate invoices?
73.How can I pro-rate auction expenses between my sellers?
74.Can the inventory be exported with the buyer and selling price?
75.Can the buyer number be printed on the seller settlements?
76.How can I copy a bidder list from one auction to another?
78.My notebook computer does not have a serial port. How can one be added?
79.How can I increase the size of the Maxa window running in XP?
80.A buy-back item was printed on an invoice incorrectly. How can the problem be corrected?
81.I can't see any text at the bottom of the Maxa screen...
82.Can multiple catalogs be printed at one time?
83.Can Maxa mailing labels be printed with MS-WORD?
84.How can an extended buyer invoice message be added?
85.When I view the buyer or seller lists in the previous auctions area they are blank. Why?
86.There are unusual characters in the notes area of the customer list. How can they be removed?
87.How can the seller commission be changed for all sellers at one time?
88.How can a cumulative commissions be applied? This required version 4.62.6 or higher.
89.Can the 'Premium' label on buyer invoices be changed?
90.Can Maxa be configured to handle some of the crazy tax calculations found in some states?
91.The tax on items in our state have a cap of $300. How can that be applied in Maxa?
92.How can inventoried items that were not sold be included on seller settlements?
93.How can auction data files be copied from a CD drive into MAXA?
94.How can the serial port on my IBM Thinkpad notebook be turned on?
95.How can per item fees be added prior to the auction so that they automatically appear on the buyer invoices?
96.How can I delete sales from my previous auctions list?
97.What are the settings for WiseTerm?
98.How can I customize the labels at the bottom of the customer input screen (Ex: driver's license, email, fax, notes, etc.)?
99.Why does maxa get minimized every time anything is being printed?
100.How can the next item number be automatically displayed on the clerking screen?
101.How can the journal printing be turned off? On?
102.Some reports are not printing properly on my 'Windows-only' printer. How can this be fixed?
103.I recently updated to a new version of Maxa and my inventory files have disappeared. How can they be retreived?
104.Our sellers are paying the credit card fees. How can that be determined if there are multiple sellers?
105.Can I copy a buyer list from one auction to another?
106.Can a USB key be used with Maxa?
107.I've accidentally deleted my customer list. Can it be recovered?
108.Can invoices be sent to a file so that they can be emailed instead of printed?
109.Can a terminal be tested without being connected to a computer?
110.The premium and tax amounts are not being displayed on the screen when invoices are generated on the terminal(s)
111.Can I create a boot diskette to start MaxTerm
112.Can the emails collected in MAXA be added to an email program like Outlook?
113.A customer list has exceeded 30000 names and can't be accessed. Is there a way to fix this?