MAXA is available in 1, 2, 3, and 5-user systems. In all configurations there is only one main computer (host). The remaining stations are terminals (clients) or other computers configured to function as terminals. This approach insures that the system is as reliable as possible in even the harshest auction environments. All functions are available on the host computer. The terminals can be configured to do the following...

1-user system

All information must be entered into the same computer that is being used to generate invoices and other reports. The one-user system works well in situations where the buyers do not receive invoices until after the auction is over. In larger auctions, the multiple-user systems are far more efficient.

2-user system

Our most popular system. The two-user system is perfect for managing one ring auctions. Both the clerk and the cashier can work simultaneously without interrupting the other. The terminal is attached to the computer's serial port via cable or a pair of radios. No network or additional software is required to run the system.

A dedicated printer can be used to print back-up copies of the clerking information as it is being entered. Back-up information can also be printed if only a single printer is used. If the printer is not busy when clerking information is entered, the information is printed immediately. If the printer is busy with an invoice, report, etc., the back-up information will be stored until the printer becomes available. At that time all of the unprinted back-up information will be printed.

3-user system

Similar to the 2-user system, the additional station provided with the 3-user system can be used to...

The additional terminal can be connected to the computer with any combination of cables and radios. The 3-user system does require a second serial port (Com1 (3F8/IRQ4) or Com2 (2F8/IRQ3) only) or a terminal splitter.

5-user system

Similar to the 2 and 3-user systems. The 5-user system only requires a single serial port. A terminal splitter is attached to the port. Up to 4 terminals can then be attached to the terminal splitter via wired or wireless connections.


All of the Maxa sytems are MaxaNet ready. MaxaNet is a service of JBS Software that places your inventory and digital photos on YOUR web-site. The inventory is searchable and can be categorized. MaxaNet supports real-time online bidding and the bidding results can be directly incorporated into Maxa.