Recommended Hardware


Maxa runs fine on all Windows compatible computers. Memory and disk storage requirements are minimal. If you are going to use the 2, 3, or 5 user system the computer must be equipped with an integrated serial port (USB to serial port adapters will not work). If the computer does not have an integrated serial port then one can be added with a Quatech SSP-100 PCMCIA card. The Quatech cards can be purchased online at We cannot help with the installation of the Quatech card. Please contact your local computer technician for assistance.

Wyse terminals

MAXA was designed to work with Wyse 55 terminals (Wyse 30, 30+, 35, 50, and 60 terminals also work well). A Wyse 55 terminal consists of only a screen and a keyboard and is often referred to as a 'dumb' terminal. It relies entirely on the computer it is attached to for the information it displays. Computers and other terminals can also be configured to work with the system but the Wyse 55 terminal has several advantages.

If you elect to use a terminal...
Wyse terminals are available from a number of online resources. Try to Google 'Wyse terminals' to find providers. Make sure that you have the terminal(s) configured to the default settings. The keyboards for the terminals are not all interchangeable. If you purchase a Wyse 55 terminal make sure that you select the ASCII keyboard with it.

If you elect to use a computer in place of the terminal...
We have a terminal emulator (MaxTerm) available for Windows 98 and earlier computers. It is included with the Maxa software at no additional charge. MaxTerm does not work on Windows 2000 or XP. If you would like to use a terminal emulator on a Windows 2000 or XP computer we recommend using WiseTerm or Zterm 2000. They are both available as shareware from a number of Internet sites (Use Google to find them). Both programs have a reasonable registration fee. We cannot help with the installation of these programs. Please contact your local computer technician for assistance.

Okidata Microline 320 turbo printers

The Okidata Microline 320 turbo is a fast and extremely reliable printer. Although MAXA will work with any Windows USB, parallel, or network printer, the system will work the best when used with an Okidata Microline 320 or equivalent printer. Slower printers can create delays while printing invoices. Less reliable printers can create paper jams which can also lead to delays. The Okidata printers can be purchased from many retailers and other online sources.

Terminal splitters

The MAXA 5-user system requires a terminal splitter. The splitter attaches to a single serial port on the host computer (Com1 (3F8/IRQ4) or Com2 (2F8/IRQ3)). Up to 4 terminals can be attached to the terminal splitter. The terminal connections to the terminal splitter can be either wired or wireless. The terminal splitters are available from JBS.


Unless a pair of radios is being used, the terminal is attached to the computer via a cable. The cable is configured to provide a null modem connection between the host computer and the terminal. Cable lengths of up to 200 feet are available and can be purchased from JBS Software.

Drivers license scanners

Many states have adopted a data format standard with the magnetic strip found on the back of many drivers licenses. This scanner eliminates the need to type any name or address information if the buyer presents a drivers license with a conforming magnetic strip. The scanner is a wedge device that fits in between the computer and the keyboard. When using notebook computers, the scanner can be plugged directly into the external keyboard port. The drivers license scanners are available from Lowell Gilbertson.


The cable that connects the clerking terminal to the computer can create problems in situations where the auctioneer/clerk need to move throughout the auction. Radios are the solution. Using the same terminal, computer, and software, the radios simply replace the cable. We offer radios that provide a 2500' range. Longer ranges are possible with additional antennas. Power can be supplied to the radio and terminal with a 12V DC deep cycle marine battery equipped with an inverter. This arrangement can provide power for more that 12 hours of continuous operation. The radios are available from Lowell Gilbertson.

Clerking carts

Specifically designed for the MAXA system, the clerking carts allow for easy movement of all the necessary equipment to clerk auctions 'wireless'. The cart has balloon tires to allow it roll over grass and other rough surfaces. It is constructed of steel and has a durable chip resistant finish. It comes completely assembled and folds down for transport and storage. The cart is designed to carry a Wyse terminal, a radio, and a power supply. Click here for more information.

Power supplies

The power supplies used with the clerking cart consist of a battery charger, a battery case, and a 140W inverter, and all of the necessary adapters. The required group 24 marine battery is not included. The inverter generates a 110V AC output from the 12V DC marine deep cycle battery. This arrangement can provide power to the terminal and a radio for more than 12 hours. The power supplies are available from Lowell Gilbertson.