JBS offers the Maxanet Online Auction service with a responsive/mobile friendly website template and auction bidding pages right out of the box. This can be a standalone website or can be integrated into your current website design. We will do our best to customize your website to your satisfaction from the start but sometimes our clients request custom changes and more extensive updates to their site down the road which JBS is happy to work with you on.

Please contact us today and we will spend time with you determining the scope of your project and provide you with a custom quote. We've found that the rates we charge tend to be much lower than that of an outside website designer or developer.


If you are an existing Maxanet client and want to upgrade to the Responsive/Mobile friendly platform, there is a $100 upgrade fee (February 2017). Please contact us and we will review the details with you as some clients may need extensive website edits and the fee may be a little higher.


Advanced integration services of your existing website design or new website template styling upgrades available
Responsive / Mobile Friendly Website & Bidding Pages
Maxanet now comes in a Responsive design (Feb 17'). Existing clients can upgrade for a $100 fee.


Additional workspaces can be added to your account by your email request
Umbrella Accounts
Do you have franchises and would like multiple accounts underneath a main account?
Advanced database work available for clients
Need a custom solution? Contact us today

Questions? Call us at 814-558-2306 or send us a message through our Contact Us page.