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Page Livestock and SEK Genetics Online Recip Sale - September 12, 2019 Auction Closes at 7:00 p.m. CST

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7 567at.jpg
Number of head:8-Recips
Type:Kiko Cross
Consigner:SEK Genetics
Contact:Ryan Page (620) 423-2718
Location:Erie, KS
Comments:Lots 5, 6, 7 are literally as perfect of recips candidates as you will find. We are selling choice out of SEK Genetics commercial Kiko herd. When you show up to pick them up, you will literally pick from approximatly 175 head that have been developed by us over the past 10 years. These goats all kidded in April/May and are in a true commercial setting. Because we keep 70-80 replacements each year we generally offer a group of mature goats as recips each year to our clients. We are selling three lots and the first buyer to pick theirs up will get first choice and so on. With that said, it will be no issue finding 16 recip quality females in this group.
Notes:We will do our best to assist with delivery and pick up options. Does to be picked up within 15 days or a $2/head per day board fee will be charged. All delivery expenses are the buyers responsibility.

1600.00 8395

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